Jean-François Dupuis
David Boyer

Boulons Plus

In 2014, Boulons Plus, a manufacturer and distributor of bolts, screws, nuts and anchors for the construction industry, tasked Syscomax with moving its operations into a brand new building, with a total area of 35,056 square feet, in the Mirabel Industrial Park. The new location allowed the company to fully pursue its administrative, production, storage and distribution activities.

As a result of strong business growth in the years that followed, Boulons Plus needed to add storage space to the original facilities. The manufacturer of threaded products turned to Syscomax once again to build a 14,000-sq.-ft. expansion, which was completed in 2021.

“We are very fortunate to have completed a second mandate with Boulons Plus. From the first meetings with management in 2014, we understood their vision and growth plan. With this key information in mind, we designed a building that would allow them to integrate an expansion at a later point. We recently delivered this expansion phase, and we are proud to have realized the efforts we made upstream and win the client’s trust once more!”

– Jean-Philip Robitaille, Co-President & Vice President, Business Development
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