Golf within everyone’s reach: the new L’Oiseau project

Imagine a golf hub for everyone in the heart of Saint-Sauveur village where golfers, foodies and fashion lovers alike can come together in one place. The L’Oiseau project, scheduled for completion in June 2024, aims to create this golf world in an innovative, authentic development.

The new two-storey building developed by the Syscomax team will total around 6,000 sq. ft. (557 m2). The first floor, spanning 2,200 sq. ft. (204 m2), will house a bistro and a boutique offering an assortment of clothing. The second floor, extending 2,600 sq. ft. (242 m2), will house four virtual golf simulators.

In designing the project, the team made up of the Syscomax employees overseeing the project, architect Jean-François Bordua and senior technologist Mélissa Tremblay from TLA Architectes, as well as interior designer Christian Bélanger from BELANGERMARTIN, focused on the building’s functionality. Features such as the optimization of space between the boutique and the bistro, the location of the golf simulators, and the positioning of the building in a confined space were carefully considered. In addition, to ensure the best possible conditions for the company’s operations, a basement was incorporated into the design.

Due to the high water table in the Saint-Sauveur area, groundwater management was a challenge for the project at the beginning. The Syscomax team was able to support its client thanks to its considerable experience with this type of project. A well-point system was installed, enabling the team to properly carry out the work for the berlin walls, formwork, reinforcement, insulation and foundation waterproofing. The team also strategically chose to start work in the winter to make it easier to manage this natural phenomenon and avoid the rise in water levels caused by spring snowmelt.

Having built a solid relationship of trust with the Foliot family over the past 25 years and having completed more than 20 mandates on their behalf, the Syscomax team is delighted to be a proactive partner in making the family’s vision a reality.

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